BeetTweek: Haptic Feedback DSP Eurorack Controller


Eurorack format DSP module designed to give musicians new ways to interact with musical control signals (CV) with a haptic force-feedback knob.




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BeetTweek is a Eurorack format DSP module designed to give musicians new ways to interact with musical control signals (CV) with a haptic force-feedback knob.

Rhythmic CV signals can be used to “pulse” the knob, giving musicians a unique feel for the music they are creating or parameter they are controlling.  Knob rotation, speed and other parameters can be used to control other modules and generate interesting interactions that can be felt in your hand!  The module features multiple modes each with different functionality:

  • Spring Mode – In this mode, the Knob will always spring back to a given Input (CV) rotation.  The Output’s corresponds to the current knob rotation, velocity, and torque force.  On its own this is a great way of temporarily “overriding” an external module parameter while knowing it will return to its original location.  (Good for “solo” parts of a song”).  By giving the module an input CV signal, the “target” or equilibrium rotation of the spring will change, this can be a great way to feed in a kickdrum GATE signal that you can feel in hand while performing.

  • Turn-Table(DJ) Mode – In this mode, the knob acts like a DJ turn table.  The table can be spun forward and backward and it will retain it’s speed.  There are 8 beat markers around the table.  When the HEAD reaches a beat marker, a pulse is emitted.  The table can also spin in synchronization to a external BPM.  Matching it’s speed.  A Direction input indicates the direction the table turns.  The Table can also record and playback audio signals! The Record/Playback input dictates whether to record or playback.  In playback mode the table can turned with your hand to create DJ scratching effects either with its own internal record buffer or an external sampler.

  • Torque-Friction Mode – In this mode, the knob is free to spin, while the input CV signals control how much torque and friction is applied to the knob, when a positive signal is used, the knob will rotate in a positive direction, while when a negative signal is used, the knob will rotate in a negative direction. Friction Input Creates friction against movement. Complex input signals can be used to generate complex forces on the knob.

  • Indent Mode – In this mode, the knob “snaps” to different even indented locations around the circle.  The indents can be felt while adjusting, giving instant feedback as to what value the knob is currently at. Outputs corresponding to knob position.  Custom CV or Volt Per Octave Voltages can also be stored in each indent.  Allowing recall of individual voltage values.  Outputs also include outputting the voltage stored in the current indent

  •  Ratchet Mode – The knob rotates one way freely but not the other.  Output CV’s correspond to how much force you exert on the knob that is in the opposite of the ratchet direction.  Input CV’s adjust the ratchet follow trail, and direction.

  • Sequenced Pluck Mode  -In this mode, the module is fed a series of V/OCT note data, as the notes stream in, they appear as dots on the LED ring.  the knob can then be used to “Pluck” the notes as the indicator runs over each note.  Each Pluck can be felt in your hand. as each note is plucked an output note is generated.  The pluck action can be dynamically muted on another input.  The notes can also be rotated around the knob in sync to a beat by using a clock GATE input as well.

  •  Torque-Curve Mode (Planned)– In this mode torque is applied to the knob from a given input signal synchronized by a GATE signal.  Any signal received while the GATE is ON will be applied radially about the knob.   Custom Torque Curves can be feed in by other modules.  The module matches bpm based on the GATE signal, and expects the GATE signal to not change too suddenly.  This mode can be used to create custom torque regions based on musical parameters.


  • More To Come Via Firmware Updates!

Gesture Recording/Playback:

BeetTweek has a common interface for recording gestures,  While recording, the current mode behalves as normal while the module records your actions twisting the knob.  When playing back  your actions are played back and the knob spins accordingly.  Playback is synced with the external CLK input.  Playback and recording can be controlled by external CV using the Z (Record/Playback) input or by pressing a button:


  • High Precision AS5048A 14-bit rotary sensor
  • Smooth 3-phase brushless motor provides haptic force feedback
  • 4 24-bit DC-Coupled Audio Outputs,  Low Pass Filtered.
  • 4 24-bit DC-Coupled Audio ADC Anti-Alias Filtered Inputs.
  • 80 RGB Knob Ring Indicator LEDs. With 8 Center LEDs
  • USB Programmable (Firmware Updates) with Custom Cross-Platform Software.
  • Fast 480MHZ Cortex-M7 Primary Processor and 168MHZ Cortex-M4 Knob Processor
  • 8 RGB LED’s for inputs and outputs showing function depending on the current mode.
  • Mode, Function and 8 menu/input-output Buttons
  • Reverse Voltage Protection (Backwards Eurorack cable protection)
  • High Quality Laser Engraved Aluminum Front Panel
  • Custom Chem-film coated and protected CNC milled knob.
  • Max Voltage Range: -8V to 8V inputs and outputs
  • 12V: 280mA
  • 5V: 0mA
  • -12V: 1mA
  • HP: 10

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